The Future of Cannabis Weighing and Filling

With Paxiom’s PrimoCombi 0.5L multi-head weigher, operators have less to learn, managers enjoy more uptime, and executives benefit from lower operating costs. With a vast array of differentiating features, the PrimoCombi both challenges our current view of weighing and provides a glimpse into the future of cannabis packaging.

The PrimoCombi, available in a 14-weigh-bucket configuration, gently handles cannabis flowers while delicate transfer mechanisms ensure that trichomes are not damaged during the process.  Each PrimoCombi weigh-bucket is accurate to one one-hundredth of a gram and the complete scale utilizes a combination of 3 to 5 weigh-buckets, serving to eliminate excess product giveaway.  

Another beneficial feature of the PrimoCombi is the tool-less removal of all contact parts, allowing for both easy cleaning and servicing. An adjustable hopper makes loading flowers exceptionally convenient while vibratory pan feed mechanisms combined with stagger dump settings allow product to freely flow through the machine.

The PrimoCombi comes standard with a Windows 360 Operating System that can be easily interfaced with any ERP/MRP software. This feature allows for a complete operational overview, remote control of machine functionality, and total traceability.

The PrimoCombi is a compact, complete weighing solution designed for high performance applications and tight accuracy requirements. Dependability and easy integration to a container or bag filling machine make the PrimoCombi a complete cannabis weighing solution.

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04 May 2017